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    Huawei chairman: Trump is right, the US is losing the battle for 5G


    America is losing the battle for 5G technology despite its attempts to block Huawei around the world, the Chinese company’s chairman has said.


    Huawei rotating chairman Guo Ping told reporters he agreed with US President Donald Trump that the US was fast falling behind in the race to get the latest mobile network technology.


    “The US is lagging behind,” Ping said. “His message is clear and correct.”


    Speaking ahead of a major Huawei event at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, where the company unveiled an advanced 5G folding smartphone, Ping said Huawei could afford to ignore the US market.


    He said the US appeared to be using its national power to “attack a company with advanced technology”.


    Huawei has been accused of posing  a security risk by US security services, but the US president appeared to leave the door open to Huawei on Thursday, before later saying he was still considering an executive ban on the company.


    Trump said the US must catch up to launch 5G technology.


    "American companies must step up their efforts, or get left behind. There is no reason that we should be lagging behind,” Trump said on Twitter.


    Ping said Huawei would never install backdoor in its telecoms equipment, which is used in Europe by the likes of Vodafone and EE.


    However, he also said Huawei “dare not” disobey national laws in China.


    His remarks come as Huawei’s Consumer Business chief executive Richard Yu unveiled the company’s first folding 5G smartphone.


    Yu said the phone, called the Huawei Mate X, would start at €2,299, making it one of the most expensive phones ever. It will be released later in 2019.

    这款手机为华为Mate X,余承东称,该手机起价为2299欧元,成为有史以来最昂贵的手机,将于2019年晚些时候上市。

    华为可折叠手机Mate X

    The phone unfolds from a 6.6-inch phone with an extra rear screen into an 8-inch tablet-like device, will feature the latest fast network technology and has a quadruple camera.


    The phone will feature a Huawei-made Balong 5G chip, rather than a US made Qualcomm design.


    Huawei has aimed to show its technology is outstripping that of US rivals like Apple on smartphone technology and telecoms rivals on its 5G capibilites.



    译文来源:三泰虎 http://www.santaihu.com/47119.html   译者:Jessica.Wu



    apple and intel both have gotten too comfortable with having enjoyed such great success over the past decade+




    Thank God we have competitions like Huawei to destroy big businesses from monopolizing innovations and advances.

    Let Huawei 5G rule the entire world while America falls into the dark ages of 4G and even 2G, then all these big businesses like Sears Roebuck, Apple and IBM would either have to die, or compete.





    In 20 years, the USA will be considered a third world country compared to China. They might have started by copying the tech of others, but now they've mastered improving that tech, and are leading the world in dozens of fields, like AI and quantum computing. They are graduating over 20 times the engineers that we are.



    preston2 days ago

    America becoming a 3rd world country, wake non tech nation, that’s why all the technology companies are hiring HB1 ‘s and not Americans )( lol ?




    This shows US supremacy in technology and production has been greatly eroded by rising powers such as China, Japan, India, South Korea, EU,...….



    ted16 hours ago

    This is how much Trump is scared of a Chinese company Huawei, he forces the allies and together use mafioso tactics to ban Huawei in their markets. "Huawei beats American flagship Apple in smartphone sales for the first time. The Chinese smart phone maker sold around 54 million phones last quarter, up more than 40% compared to the same period last year, according to research firms IDC, Canalyst and IHS Markit. That was enough to not only beat Apple (AAPL), but also narrow the gap with market leader Samsung (SSNLF). Samsung sold more than 70 million phones last quarter, down about 10%from the same time last year. The continued growth of Huawei is impressive, to say the least, as is its ability to move into markets where, until recently, the brand was largely unknown," IDC analyst Ryan Reith said in a statement. Who needs the US? Huawei profits jump 28%!” On top, all consumers know that iPhones are "Expensive elepants without innovations". And, Huawei’s 5G prowess is so strong that it holds more than 35% of all 5G patents of the world!

    这说明特朗普有多害怕华为这家中国公司,他迫使盟友们一起禁止华为进入他们的市场。华为的智能手机销量首次超过了美国苹果。?#33455;?#20844;司IDC、Canalyst和IHS Markit的数据显示,这家中国智能手机制造商上季度销量约为5400万部,?#20808;?#24180;同期增长40%以上。这不仅足?#28304;?#36133;苹果,还能缩小与市场领?#36153;?#19977;星的差距。三星上个季度的手机销量超过7000万部,?#20808;?#24180;同期下降了约10%。IDC分析师Ryan Reith在一份声明中称,"华为的?#20013;?#21457;展令人印象深刻,其进军市场的能力也是如此。在此之前,华为这个品牌在很大程度上还不为人所知。"华为利润增长了28%!最重要的是,所有消费者都知道iphone是“没有创新的昂贵产品”。而且,华为5G?#38469;?#30340;实力非常强大,拥有全球35%以上的5G专利!


    Yue2 days ago

    Apple has run out of inspiration stock from Jobs' days, and now it just makes expensive, 2nd tier products to rip off money from US consumers. Trump is dead on accurate on the issue. If Apple cannot keep up with pace of technology inventions it will be abandoned eventually by consumers.




    No wonder the U.S. is blocking the Huawei mobile phone in the United States, complained this and that, arrested the Huawei CFO etc... because they already produce 5G phone, but in the U.S. is still using 4G, We need to catch up, not falling behind.



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